hedgehogs woodland adventure


Come and spend some quality time in the great outdoors with your tiny hoglet.

Things To Do

We can offer a safe, fun and engaging environment where preschool children are able to roam free leading their own play and exploration.

Our sessions are a mixture of child led play and nature arts and crafts, each session will begin with a well loved story and then the session’s activities will be based on the theme of the story. lots of treasure hunts, fun engaging activities and delicious camp fire cooking!!

Building confidence and independence

Activities such as building dens, using drills, hammers and other tools and cooking on campfires are just some activities that inspire children with confidence and a sense of independence. ​

Feeling empathy for others and nature

Working together in an outdoor natural environment helps children to create bonds and build friendships. It also makes them aware of how to care for one another and support each other and look after our natural world.

Physical Fitness/Activity

As you would expect with children running around and climbing trees this helps to develop muscle strength, aerobic fitness and coordination.

Forest Schools also sees an increased development of gross and fine motor skills.

Improved Mental Health

In today’s world children are experiencing increased stress caused by a range of pressures, from school exams to social media.

Many mental-health professionals acknowledge that maintaining a relationship with nature can be very helpful in supporting children’s emotional and mental wellbeing.

Benefits for You

Being outside is also highly beneficial to adults and not just children. Observing children learn in an outside environment allows us (parents and carers) to gain a new perspective and understanding. It also helps us, as parents or carers, to explore new opportunities on how to teach children and improve their knowledge.

Increases learning outcomes

Not only does Forest Schools improve learning outcomes for children but also for parents/carers. Naturally children are really engaged with Forest School sessions and they will often take their learning home to share with friends and family. This often encourages families to get outdoors and visit their local parks and woodlands more frequently.

Having fun

Ultimately, Forest School is fun! From firsthand experience we know that children who visit our site have LOTS OF FUN!! Forest School sessions also allow children to play, explore and discover at their pace, following their interests and making connections when they are ready to.

What we do...

Hedgehogs Woodland Adventures


Hedgehogs Woodland Adventures

Crafts and Woodwork

Hedgehogs Woodland Adventures


Hedgehogs Woodland Adventures


Hedgehogs Woodland Adventures

Child led Play & Exploration